Barred Owls of Heckrodt

Barred Owls of Heckrodt

January 15, 2019

These are some of my favorite photos from following the Barred Owls at Heckrodt Nature Preserve in Menasha. I really didn’t have a desire for birds before I experienced these owls. I would come at least 3-4 times to Heckrodt to walk and take different landscape photos. One day, as the sun was setting in April, I heard the craziest sound. I thought it was a couple kids messing around but then I saw this massive bird fly off a tree. If you have never experienced this, listen to this video of them. Needless to say, I was hooked and came back the next day to start photographing them. God certainly has a way of putting new desires on me.

I followed the Adults and the owlets until they fledged. The final photo was from the last week in July 2018.


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